Perfect Body Without Surgery

November 24, 2008

Many of us strive for a better appearance and healthier body and some would even consider surgery things like tummy touch that is talked about another post in this blog but how far is too far.  This video discusses the perfect body and how we as consumers have been deceived by the photo touching photographs and modern media.  Not only is it not surgically possible it is beyond the scope of what a person is able to achieve through diet and exercise and we have set ourselves up to believe it is possible.  Watch this video and understand better whatis except as normal.

Healthy Breaktime

November 15, 2008

What in the world were we thinking here in the US when we bought into the propoganda that was being foisted on us as a healthy treat from a busy schedule? Was this proven, was this known, were we so naive to believe we could stuff our bodies with smoke and it was not going to lead to problems? Isn’t it amazing how we will deny our common sense?

Tummy Tuck Explained

October 24, 2008

There is some confusion about what is involved in a tummy tuck and this post addresses that issue directly.  The graphics are tastefully done in the explanation although brief seems to cover most of the procedure.  Take a look and find out if you might have more interest in this procedure or if a tummy tuck is something you would consider.