What have we done in the United States? Health is being fettered away for the sake of corporate greed or so we can save a little money? What we are being given in place of healthy food sometimes can be shocking and it is time to take back control of what goes into our bodies.

making better choices about everything that enters our bodyis the beginning and the foundation of health and vitality and can be the end of obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle.  Things like heart disease, diabetes and obesity are just the beginning of the detrimental effects of an unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

The overwhelming use of High Fructose Corn Syrup has become accepted as natural and even healthy by many people because it is almost everywhere but the truth is we have been feed a unnatural sugar that is highly concentrated and cheap for the manufacturer to use. It is now being shown more and more that this product is unhealthy and has been tied to obesity in the United States.

It is time we wake up and realize what is happening with our health and some of the reasons we are over weight may not even be from causes that we are aware of. It is time to take charge of our health and stop using our bodies as wealth generators for food makers.

We all have probably heard that there is a certain fast food maker that is getting a reputation for not providing a very healthy diet but in this video you will first hand what might be happening on the inside of your body or more accurately what may not be happening.

Are we creating generations of overweight unhealthy candidates for heart disease and tummy tucks by eating this stuff?